Hitung Balance query MySQL

SQL Dump

CREATE TABLE `accountdeposit` (
`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`memCode` char(9) NOT NULL,
`transCode` char(100) NOT NULL,
`stat` enum(‘D’,’C’) NOT NULL,
`balance` float(9,3) NOT NULL,
`transDate` timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
`author` int(11) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY  (`id`),
KEY `memCode` (`memCode`)

insert  into `accountdeposit`(`id`,`memCode`,`transCode`,`stat`,`balance`,`transDate`,`author`) values (5,’0321001′,’Buka Account’,’C’,100000.000,’2009-03-21 00:05:44′,1),(6,’0321001′,’open list 3 Form’,’D’,15000.000,’2009-03-23 10:51:16′,1),(7,’0321001′,’open list 4 Form’,’C’,20000.000,’2009-03-23 13:05:00′,1);


select transCode,
case when stat=’D’ then (-balance) else 0 end as Debit,
case when stat=’C’ then balance else 0 end as Credit,
(@LB := @LB + if (stat=’D’, -balance, balance)) as LastBalance
from (select @LB := 0) as dddd, accountdeposit
where memCode = ‘0321001’
group by memcode, transdate
order by transdate;

Hasil :





Thnks.2.Manztiara n NorYahya


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  1. sayangnya query ini gak bisa dibikin View.

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