Dream come true @raih_mimpimu

Muchammad Iljas, S.Kom (2010)

Terima kasih Ayah & Ibu yg telah mengantarkanku sampai jenjang ini. Luar Biasa! Allahuakbar!

(masih teringat detik-detik wisuda bersamamu)

List of the dreams….. Allahuakbar

Lulus kuliah, 2010

  1.     Graduate Strata-1 Informatic Engineering (2010)
  2.     Professional Worker
  3.     S1.Motor
  4.     Camera DSLR
  5.     Teaching (never dies)
  6.     Married (August 2013) and get son (complete aqiqah) ameen
  7.     Be Enterpreneur
  8.     Get Beautifull House
  9.     Buying Car, like Avanza
  10.     Dating with wife on the air (Let’s flying)
  11.     Getting Family Enterpreneur
  12.     Continuing Studi in another country
  13.     Studying Accounting (Hope i can studying Accountting in Collage) and developing FA
  14.     Creating books of Professional FA
  15.     Creating New Modul HR in FA
  16.     Become Official Functional of Front Accounting Application
  17.     Umrah-Haji to Makkah & Madinah
  18.     Goes to Japan (Seeing Sakura Flower with my wife)
  19.     Goes to Niel River
  20.     Write a book and tutorials (blogging)
  21.     Goes to Rinjani Mountain, Karimun Jawa, Raja Ampat

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  1. kawen kog nomer 7 je, wah…… ada apa-apanya ini……
    homo ya….. wakakakakakakaak

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