Call RFC SAP Erp to display Vietnamese UTF-8

To connecting to ERP SAP with Php Programming, we can use saprfc / sapclass Download here .

When data contain Vietnamese languange, the display is unreadable. Cause a HTML tag needs charset UTF-8.

To call SAP RFC using saprfc with UTF-8, you can add a function SetCodePage($codepage)

example file php connect SAP ERP with sapclasses

$sap = new SAPConnection(); 
//Change Unicode to UTF-8

		if ($sap->GetStatus() == SAPRFC_OK ){
			$sap->Open ();
			echo "Failed to connect SAP";
		$fce = $sap->NewFunction ("Z_ZCSD_SHIPTO");
		if ($fce == false ) {

		//Header Entry		
		$fce->ZKTOKD1 = "ZTL1"; 
		$fce->ZKTOKD2 = "ZTL2"; 
		$fce->ZKUNNR = "0000060004";

		if ($fce->GetStatus() == SAPRFC_OK ) {		
			while ( $fce->RETURN_DATA->Next() ){
				echo "";
}else $fce->PrintStatus();



in simple Php programming without call RFC SAP, you can use :


header(‘Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8’);


Example Vietnamese sentence :

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Needs TTF Font? download here

Hope this helpfull 😀



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